20 Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children’s Lives

Whoever said that parenting was easy? Oh, that’s right. Nobody.

#9 I Wouldn’t Let Him Run Around The Restaurant With A Knife, So I’m An #assholeparent


#10 I’m An #assholeparent Because The Waves Were Too Strong And I Couldn’t Make Them Stopfunny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-12-578778071dbf8__700

#11 I Am An #assholeparent Because I Made Her Go To Story Time At The Library Where There Is Music And Toys And Snacks And Friendsfunny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-16-578778136b961__700

#12 Would Not Let Him Eat His Father’s Deodorant, So I’m An #assholeparentassholeparents-funny-reasons-kids-cry-35-578782855053a__700

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