20 Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children’s Lives

Whoever said that parenting was easy? Oh, that’s right. Nobody.

#13 I’m An #assholeparent Because I Wouldnt Let Him Drive The Carfunny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-34-578783232e671__700

#14 I Did The Old Mime Trick Of Pulling Off Her Nose. Now She Thinks It’s Gone Forever. I’m An #assholeparentassholeparents-funny-reasons-kids-cry-38-578783a20aec8__700

#15 I Wouldn’t Let Him Put The Toilet Brush In His Mouth. Clearly I Am An #assholeparentfunny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-41a-578788c7611c1__700

#16 I Wouldn’t Close Him In The Refrigerator. Sorry Lil Bud, Mommy’s An #assholeparentfunny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-18-5787781803f00__700

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