20 Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children’s Lives

Whoever said that parenting was easy? Oh, that’s right. Nobody.

#17 I’m An #assholeparent Because I Wouldn’t Let Her Throw The Car Keys Into The Soundfunny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-30-57877fc95c7c7__700

#18 She Wanted A Ponytail, But She Doesn’t Have Enough Hair. So I’m An #assholeparentfunny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-37a-57878572bdbe4__700

#19 I’m An #assholeparent Because What I Called “a Mess” Was Really “a Fun Party”funny-asshole-parents-why-kids-cry-45a-57878e26b02b9__700

#20 I’m An #assholeparent Tonight Because I Wouldn’t Remove The Hearts From Her Pajamasassholeparents-funny-reasons-kids-cry-49-57878fe924088__700

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