20 People Who Hilariously Fail At Daily Tasks

We’ve all had one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong. Whether it’s spilling coffee on your shirt in the morning, or having your car break down on the way home, it can be hard to convince yourself that things are going to get better. Most of the time you’d rather just go to bed and try start again the next day. Here are twenty people you might be able to relate to as they fail at their daily tasks.

1. Picked the wrong sign to mess with.

This guy is clearly having a bad day and decides to take it out on a sign. Turns out he can’t even do that right!

2. Pileup.

It’s gotta suck walking to your car to find out it’s been mounted by another and crushed in the process. That’s a bad day I wouldn’t wish on anyone!

3. Didn’t even have a bite.

He either fell over with it or has been reduced to crying on the floor next to it. What a tragic accident. I bet it smelled amazing too!

4. Forklift driver.

What on earth did he do to deserve this? You can’t even begin to imagine how long it would take to clean that up. Hopefully, they’re okay too as it looks like it might have hurt pretty bad!

5. Ripped jeans.

We’ve all got an old pair of jeans that we dig out for the DIY days around the house. Looks like this person’s weight might have changed a bit since they last wore them though! At least it happened at home, I think you’d die of embarrassment if a rip this bad ever happened in public.

6. Her face says it all.

This is not something you want to happen while you’re out for the day. The poor woman looks like she’s about to break down into tears!

7. Where is your god now?

You can’t imagine things can get much worse after getting stuck in an elevator but some mean person has the cheek to write you a little message while you wait for rescue! Talk about adding insult to injury.

8. Never trust a muddy puddle.

The classic mistake of thinking that a puddle isn’t actually that deep.

9. Archery fail.

The look on the kids face is priceless. Not to mention the Dad finding the whole thing hilarious! You think it’d be the other way around!

10. A truly scary rollercoaster.

How to convince someone to never ride a roller coaster again.

11. Crispy chips.

Sure a little crunch when you bite is nice but this is another level. Looks like they forgot about it for hours!

12. Bad lip surgery.

Not what you want to see after spending loads on surgery.

13. Sprinkle of pepper?

Always check the cap is on before shaking!

14. Morning commute.

‘Hey, watch out for that pothol- oh it’s too late.’

15. Cruel vending machine.

I guess even the vending machine is having a bad day.

16. Cash machine fail.

Next, there’ll be a windows update!

17. Poor Helen can’t do anything right.

Nothing worse than a cat escaping its carry case.

18. The poor women of Ohio.

At least the men can take comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.

19. I call shotgun!

You would just want to shut the door and go back to bed, wouldn’t you?

20. Poor Ana L’s first shift at work didn’t go too well.

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