12 Of The Worlds Best Four Legged Bodyguards At The ATM

Have you ever had to use an ATM at night? I have, and let me tell you it can be terrifying! You can’t shake the feeling that somebody is watching you and you’re scared that whoever that somebody is, they’re going to come and mug you for your hard earned cash the second you turn away from the machine. What you need is a canine bodyguard that looks like they’ll destroy anyone who comes near your money to protect you. These 12 dogs are doing the best they can at protecting their beloved owners and this is definitely the job they were made for!

1. You don’t want to cross these two good dogs!

I love how the one on the right is raring to get back to his walk whereas the other one is happy just to chill. I’m with the dog on the left, it’s chill time!

2. “When you’re done, can I get a treat?”

I’m pretty sure that if this doggo doesn’t get a treat, this guy might be on his own the next time he needs to use the ATM. If you want protection, you have to pay in treats!

3. This little guy is super proud to be protecting his owner

He’s always wanted to be a bodyguard and you can tell from his face that he’s loving every second of this.

4. I might not be big, I might not be scary, but I’m the best heckin’ bodyguard ever!

He’s pretending you’ve not noticed that he’s hiding behind his owner, he’s brave, he swears!

5. I see you there, you creep, now back off!

That guy’s not gonna get any closer to this woman while this extremely good boy is on guard. Just try it buddy, you won’t like what happens!

6. You wanna get to me, you gotta get past these guys!

Those are some seriously beautiful dogs, but I’d be way too scared to ask for cuddles until their owner had finished with the machine. They do look like they’d give great hugs though!

7. Okay, this guy isn’t really scary but he can use the ATM all by himself!

Clearly this is a service dog who’s putting in a hard day’s work and looking totally adorable while he does!

8. You watch the right and I’ll watch the left!

Clearly, these two have got this whole bodyguard routine well rehearsed! Nobody gets past them!

9. This dog looks more muscly than Arnold Schwarzenegger! 

That stance just screams “I want your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle”!

10. These two are bored of waiting for you to get your money

There’s walkies to be done, human! Let’s get going to the park, immediately!

11. This classy dog has his eye on you!

His owner spoils him rotten and he’ll do anything to keep her safe. It’s real puppy love!

12. This dog looks angry, but it’s all just for show!

The person who took this photo is the dog’s breeder who cares for lots of pitbulls and works on training them to be family friendly. You can see the dogs looking much happier right HERE!

What do you think of these four legged bodyguards? Do your dogs protect you when you have to go out at night? Or are they total scaredy cats? Let us know all about them in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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