20 People Who Should Have Really Checked The Background Before Taking A Selfie

Taking a photo is a great way to share a moment with your friends and family.

Whether you’re taking part of a special family event, an amazing holiday or you look rather cute! Taking a photo is a great way to immortalize that moment.

These days most of us upload these photos to the internet to share with our friends and family. After all, sharing is caring.

But in all honesty, uploading photos onto social media can be a pain sometimes.

We’ve all had an awkward experience of uploading photos onto social media where it turns out to be really embarrassing.

Sometimes it’s just an embarrassing photo, and other times we’ve not noticed something in the background of the photo.

There’s a lot of examples of this kind of embarrassing photography on the internet.

If anything it just goes to show you that the person who took the photo and uploaded it really didn’t pay attention to the photo.

Here are some of the funniest photos we could find on the internet and trust me. You’re going to laugh!

1. Kesha Dad

This dad looks fabulous and sassy! But I’m not sure his daughter is convinced of that… Just look at her face!

2. He’s Behind You

Yes, this is a bit weird, let’s just hope it isn’t a jealous ex.

I’d be terrified if I found someone does that in the background of one of my photos.

3. Photo Bomb

This is brilliant, her dad looks even sassier than her.

He just wanted to be apart of his daughter’s selfie… I mean, how else was he suppose to embarrass her?

4. Spider Selfie

Don’t scream at the poor spider, it only wanted to be apart of the photo!

5. Demon Dog

Excuse me, I’m just wondering if you’re aware that your dog looks possessed.

6. Mamma’s Little Boy

This is quite embarrassing, to say the least, isn’t it? But she does look very proud of her big strong boy!

7. What’s That?

This is hilarious, this guy was clearly a bit of a peeping tom. It is actually a bit weird really, isn’t it?

8. It’s His Ice Cream Now

You may think that it’s your ice cream now but in a moment it’ll be his!

9. Focused On Something Else

It looks like the camera is more focused on the horse’s butt than on him.

10. Best Friends For Life

At least the dog has made an effort too and brought out his best smile.

He’s looking very cute for the camera!

11. Beautiful Photography Work

I really love her use of angles in this photo. It provides us with the perfect close up.

12. From The Future

Oh look, he’s managed to grab a selfie with his future self!

13. How Embarrassing…

The curse of the mirror strikes again. This is quite embarrassing! Poor girl!

14. You Don’t Put Babies There

I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure babies aren’t meant to go in there!

15. Pull Your Pants Up

Please pull your pants up. We don’t want to see that…

16. So Much Traffic

I really don’t understand this one. She has embarrassed herself for no reason whatsoever.

But yes, I know, that traffic looks terrible.

17. Toilet Selfie

Who knew toilets were the best place to take a selfie?

18. Disapproval.

She doesn’t look impressed! I bet that was the last thing she wanted to see!

19. Put That Away

This is brilliant!

20. Pooping Time

This is the best and most perfectly timed photo ever taken. Fact.

It’s also a great way to ruin an adorable selfie!

Still, that baby looks so happy in this photo!

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