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Whether you like it or not, Walmart is a key part of life here in the USA. Heck, it’s as American as apple pie! We go there for the low prices and convenience, but there are some amazing (and sometimes horrifying) things that you only see while you’re there there. Here’s a bunch of them.

1. Who wears short shorts?

Short Short

This dad went to extreme lengths to put his girls off wearing short shorts!

2. Thon-th-thon-thon-thong

Outside Pants

This lady seems to have got herself dressed inside out. We’ve all been there, right? Actually wait, no we haven’t.

3. S-mmmokin’!

No Face Mask

I loved the Jim Carrey film The Mask in the 90s. Not so sure on wearing this mask in public though – looks like a tribute to the film. She’s even wearing the same colours!

4. Wrap up warm

Sleepy Head

We’ve all seen people walking around Walmart in their pajamas, but this person couldn’t even be bothered to do that, and just wore a duvet! Come on man, pull yourself together.

5. Sweet thing

Sweet Head

This must’ve taken a lot of effort. The question is, is he going to hog them all to himself?

6. Stand up and shout!

High Up

Having a big booty has its uses at times. Not that I’d know, obviously…

7. Indecent proposal

The Big News

I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, so I’m all for public proposals, but… in Walmart? Really?! I wonder if they’ll tell their grandkids about this.

8. Rapunzel on aisle 3

Long Hair

Not gonna lie, this is pretty impressive. I wonder how long it took to grow to this length? Over a decade, I’ll bet. And to think, just one snip would get rid of it all!

9. No thanks!

 Creepy Dolls In A Car

Sorry but if I was on my way into Walmart and I saw this, I’d turn straight back around and hit the road. Creepy as hell!

10. Dolled up

 Out And About

Now this really is gross. This man has dressed up his sex doll and brought it out with him on a shopping trip. And there’s a child present too! Get some help, gramps.

11. How can I help you?

Crazy Makeup

It’s not just the customers that make for interesting viewing at Walmart – sometimes it’s the staff, too! This young lady needs to learn the mantra ‘less is more’.

12. What in tarnation?

Too Much Going On

I don’t even know where to start here. Is it Halloween, or just a regular day? Yeesh. Only at Walmart, folks.

13. Hello “miss”

‘Woman’ Here

This old man is keen to inform us that he is, in fact, a woman. what is it with Walmart shoppers writing messages on their backs?

14. Nailed it

Curly Toes

This is just gross. Imagine the agony if you caught one of them or it was knocked off! Nail clippers are on aisle 10, sweety. Although you might need a hacksaw instead.

15. The 7-hour itch

Don’t Do That

Disturbing unhygienic behavior from this checkout team member. Pretty gross. Go wash your hands!

16. Captain America

Boxed Up

This man has done a great job of pimping his wheelchair! He’s clearly a patriot, too. I love the bird!

17. RSVP

Walmart Dating

This guy is literally walking around Walmart with a handwritten dating ad on his back. He either just set the dating game back by 20 years, or moved it forward by 50.

18. Time for heeling

Halloween Shopping

I was distracted by the spooky masks, so it took me a while to see what was strange about this picture. Surely they make it more difficult to walk if you have mobility issues!

19. Not a good look

Matted Hair

My mother said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I have a lot to not say about this!

20. Heel good time

Stripper Heels

Those are some SERIOUS platform heels. I don’t know whether I’m impressed or horrified. Probably both.

21. Honeymoon supplies

Wedding Time

Yeah, they might be newly married, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to grab some last-minute bargains for the honeymoon!

22. Christmas spirit

Christmas Mad!

I can’t tell whether this person loves Christmas, or is a demon sent to destory it! It’s a pretty impressive makeup job, I have to say.

23. Rad grandpa  

Pink Hair

You’re never too old to have funky pink hair. It actually suits him! I’m not sure about the nipples on display though…

24. A touch of glamour

 Walmart Style

Unlike some of the others. this young lady is probably OVERdressed for Walmart. You’re making the rest of us look bad, honey!

25. Gone fishin’

Fishing Tank

This guy clearly couldn’t wait to get the fishing trip started. I can’t imagine the store manager was too happy about this!

Do you have any funny stories from your shopping experiences at Walmart? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to SHARE this gallery with your friends to give them a laugh or two!

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