14 Foods That Are Unrecognisable While They Grow

We all think we recognise our favourite foods. I mean, you’d know a coconut if you saw it growing on a tree, right? But there are some foods that are sneakier than ninjas when it comes to hiding in the wild! We’ve found twelve of these foods that are completely unrecognisable before they’ve been harvested. See if you’d be able to recognise any on this list!

1. Saffron

I love how these gorgeous flowers grow straight out of the rocks. But I must admit, I’d have never looked at those flowers and thought “hmm, that’ll make a delicious spice”!

2. Cacao

Who’d have thought that these strange looking pods could one day be delicious chocolate? Chocoholics everywhere are thankful for this one!

3. Vanilla beans

These look like the banana’s much less fortunate cousin. There’s definitely a dirty innuendo to be made here, too.

4. Cashews

These just look bizarre! They’re like malformed yellow bell peppers with goodness knows what growing out of the top of them. Who’d have guessed that would be a delicious cashew?

5. Pistachios

I’m just impressed with how pretty these weird looking plants actually are! The colours are amazing!

6. Almonds

Another plant with beautiful flowers, you wouldn’t expect to find almonds amongst the branches too.

7. Peanuts

I definitely didn’t expect peanuts to look like pretty wildflowers while they grow! But under those lovely yellow flowers are peanuts for days!

8. Cinnamon

I wonder who decided to basically pull the bark off of a tree and put it into their food? Because whoever it was is the genius that makes pumpkin pies and gingerbread so delicious and I will be forever grateful!

9. Artichokes

If you saw the artichoke in the wild, you couldn’t be blamed for mistaking it for an overgrown thistle. But nope, there’s an artichoke under those pretty looking spikes.

10. Kiwi

This looks more like a vineyard than somewhere you’d grow your kiwis! Those cute little green fruits are grown here and flower prettily before they grow fruit.

11. Sesame Seeds

When you see them like this, they don’t look quite like the beautifully toasted seeds you get on the top of your burger bun.

12. Asparagus

Okay, so you’d probably recognise asparagus if you saw it in the wild, but I doubt you’d be expecting it to shoot straight up from the ground like that! They’re almost like tiny fingers poking out of the Earth.

13. Cranberries

Strawberry fields? Sorry Beatles but it’s all about those big, beautiful cranberry fields! You’ll be thinking about this when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner this year!

14. Brussels Sprouts

This is one of the weirdest looking plants I’ve ever seen and I would not have expected this from brussels sprouts. If anything, I’d have thought they’d be just above the ground like tiny cabbages.

Would you recognise any of these foods if you saw them out in the wild? Which of the foods on our list surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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