Police Enter Home After Hearing "Help Me!" – What They Find Cracks Them Up – Aunty Acid Buzz

We all love our pets, but parrots are like any other, in that they can talk! Of course, they’re just copying us, and probably don’t know what the words mean, but it’s still amazing to be able to have a conversation with an animal

Diego is a beautiful parrot with green and yellow feathers, who was born in 1976, making him 41 years old – that might seem very old for a parrot, but believe it or not, some of them can live up to 95 years old!

Diego has lived very happily with his owner Susan for the last 20 years, and they love each other very much. In fact, he can’t stand it when she goes out of the house for any length of time.

Over time Diego developed some strange talking habits. He can bark like a dog, meow like a cat, and say a bunch of different things, which aren’t always appropriate to the situation!

Recently Diego has started doing something else– calling out “help me”. But don’t worry, he’s not in danger or hurt – he just likes saying it!

Susan first noticed this when she was hosting a group of her friend in another room of the house, and Diego started calling it out. Susan didn’t even notice until her guests pointed out what was going on! Sure enough, he didn’t need help – he just missed Susan.

When Susan had to leave town for two weeks, she left her daughter in charge of Diego. He was looked after and well fed, but he couldn’t stop missing his mom. Finally, Diego heard someone approach the door. Instantly his thoughts were of Susan. “Help me!” he screamed.

But the person at the door wasn’t Susan – it was UPS driver Lee Purdy making a delivery. Obviously, he was very distressed to hear someone crying “help me!”, so he called the police.

“I wasn’t sure what to think at first,” Lee told Today. He thought that the voice sounded strange, but figured that he couldn’t take any chances, so called the authorities.

Officers arrived quickly on the scene and entered the home. Sure enough, all they found was Diego, who was no doubt confused by what was going on.

They laughed when they saw the friendly parrot, safe and sound, just looking for attention. “Sure enough it was Diego the parrot yelling for help,” Sergeant Brian Jensen recalled. “Nobody was in distress. Diego was fine.”

The situation left a smile on the face of everyone involved. The officers were glad no one was hurt, and they could not stop laughing at the idea of the parrot crying out to get attention.

It’s cute that Diego missed Susan that much. He obviously loves her very much, and seems to have a great life at his home.

I loved this story. Diego is so cute as well! Have your pets ever got you into bother like this? Let us know in the comments!

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