24 Bizarre And Creepy Old Time Photos That Are Sure To Confuse You

They say the past is a foreign country, and I think they’re right about that!

It’s a place you don’t know the way around and you don’t know the language… you wouldn’t want to get lost there, since nothing seems to make much sense to you.

Take some photos from the past, and they probably will look a little weird by today’s standards.

But take some photos that were already pretty weird and confusing looking in the past, and today, they’ll look downright bizarre!

1. You know the phrase ‘mad as a march hare’, right?

Well I wouldn’t want to be around when these critters go freakin’ mad! It would probably end up in a bloodbath!

2. Either that kid is a REALLY good actor…

Or there’s something sinister going on here… let me just check the newspaper records in 1953 for children going missing under mysterious circumstances…

3. Can it be the Bogey Man?

The Bogey Man won’t know what freakin’ hit him! That kid is packing heat!

4. Is this what people did for a joke in the past?

Because some jokes get less funny over time… I think this one was probably creep to start out with…

5. What is it with people and rocking horses back then?

Haven’t they seen horror movies? I mean, what is more creepy than a rocking horse rocking back and forth on its own? Well… probably an old wizard on one with a guy in a clown mask by his side. Yeah… that’s probably creepier.

6. Who needs horses when you have these two?

Erm… everybody? That’s really, really weird.

7. I’m pretty sure that’s a dead stuffed crocodile… you know, PRETTY sure

There’s something so strange about that innocent looking little girl doing this…

8. Cute little kids dressed as fluffy bunny rabbits…

…Are nowhere do be found here, these are the cursed minions of Hades! On their break.

9. This is so freakin’ creepy, did they even know the half of what they were doing here?

I mean, the black costumes and the masks are weird enough, but all the math terms they have written all over them? Then again, this photo does perfectly sum up my relationship with math back in high school.

10. How do you stop people from cheating in a test?

Well you give them a head transplant and cut off their faces, of course! Just kidding, that’s not what happened here… or is it?

11. The doctor will see you now…

It’s just that she can’t hear you… and you’re in for some bad luck. Just ask the guy on the left.

12. If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise

A surprise so big that nobody will ever see or hear from you again!

13. Is it just me or do even those sheep look a little worried?

Well wouldn’t you be too if you saw a sheep was wearing a suit made out of human skin? It’s the exact same thing!

14. Her head is on the chopping block

I don’t like the sinister way that they’re all laughing about this…

15. Just a sailor on a warship combing a stuffed fox’s head while a cat nudges it

Nothing to see here.

16. He’s just landed from Mars by the looks of things

Can you imagine how scary this would have looked back in the days when people were sacred of an alien invasion happening every other day?

17. Something tells me he’s not giving that deer a piggy back

Something also tells me whoever took this photo took a wrooooong turn, boy!

18. There, there… I mean… bear, bear

Has that thing snuck up on here? I really don’t understand what in the heck is going on here.

19. This birdman has some pretty convincing wings…

There’s also a double barreled shotgun just casually propped up against a tree stump… I hope nobody mistakes this guy for a real life bird.

20. I’m not sure who looks scarier

I’m gonna go with the kid, despite the sandals. I would definitely not mess with a child who keeps a rooster that size as a pet.

21. What the heck are they balancing on?

And why are they up so freakin’ high?

22. I have no idea why, so it’s best not to ask

You know when you get dressed in a rush and you just throw on the first outfit you can? Yeah, I think that’s what happened here.

23. What is it with old timey photos of people doing insane things high up?

Did they not know how gravity worked back then or something?

24. This was probably meant to be a joke, but it looks creepy as heck

I think it’s those shining demon eyes that seals the deal!

If you can provide explanations to any of these confusing and sometimes creepy photos, we would LOVE to hear them! Tell us what you think with a COMMENT, and don’t forget to SHARE this article to baffle your family and friends!

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