15 Comparisons Showing The Difference Between Food In Britain And America

It’s a world of differences out there, with different cultures doing something so common as food completely differently to one another.

But countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America, you’d think would be pretty similar, right?

Wrong! They could not be more different, even when it comes to food and attitudes towards it!

Just look at how differently the countries both do something at meal times!

1. Breakfast

Let’s start out with what’s supposedly the most important meal of the day! In the UK, they have the Full English breakfast (you can also get a full Scottish, Welsh, Irish… although who knows what the heck the difference is!) which is basically a cooked breakfast. Looks pretty good, right? If you visit, you’ve got to have a good one of these.

Whereas in America, there’s pancakes, with syrup. Which we can totally get behind. But then eggs and bacon… on the same plate?! Are you guys INSANE?! One to Britain.

2. Chocolate

Sweet treats are one of the things that everybody says is so much better in Britain. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate for example is meant to taste incredible.

In America, they do have ET’s favorite snack Reese’s Pieces too… which are pretty darned delicious. But I we can all agree that’s another chalked up to those Brits.

3. Barbeque

If there’s one thing you know about the UK already, it’s that they don’t have it so great with the weather over there. Their summer lasts about 2 or 3 days, so they don’t have much practice cooking on the BBQ.

America definitely draws one point back there!

4. Birthday cake

This guy is called Colin the Caterpillar, and… I just don’t know.

Whereas American cakes? Personalized with whatever message you want on them? Let’s call it a landslide in favor of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

5. Fries

Of course over in the UK, they call fries ‘chips’, but don’t hold that against those crazy Brits. What you CAN hold against them is the weird stuff they put on them… gravy? Cheese? Cheese AND GRAVY?! Madness.

Call us purists, but the classic all American fries take this round.

6. Drunk food

Okay, so we all love some terrible food when we’re drink, and it doesn’t get much more terrible in the UK than the doner kebab. What kinda meat even is that??

Now don’t get us wrong, we all love fried chicken, but drinking is all about regrets. So the more terrible the food you eat then the better, right? The UK has it.

7. Chinese takeout

Okay ‘Murica, prepare yourself for a shock here. THIS is what a typical Chinese takeaway looks like in the UK! Yup, foil trays!

Did you know that the classic Chinese takeout box opens up into a plate? Of course you did, everyone knows that, and everyone know that the USA wins here.

8. Ice Cream

Like with a lot of things, the British like to keep things simple when it comes to their ice cream. They’re purists, and you gotta respect that.

Whereas American ice cream? The more add ons and bells and whistles, the better! I think that means this round goes in favour of the US of A.

9. Pizza

Call THAT a pizza, Britain? Adorable.

Now THIS is a pizza! Everything’s bigger in Texas. And all of the other 49 states too.

10. Weird food

This is something they call ‘bubble and squeak’ in the UK, but no mice are harmed in the making of it. It’s actually more like a rosti of cooked potato, onions and leeks. Sounds pretty nice!

We’ll just leave that there and give this round to America.

11. McDonalds

McDonalds in the UK is pretty standard stuff, and just like you would expect there’s a Maccy D’s on most British high streets.

Whereas in America, well you can supersize everything. There’s a larger menu, larger portions… larger customers. Just freakin’ kidding! You take this round, ‘Merica!

12. Takeout food

Takeout is a big deal in the UK, although the British generally call it ‘takeaway’… even when it’s delivered. Yeah. Anyway, they think nothing of overloading on carbs by having rice AND fries (sorry, chips!) with their curry!

Takeout food is generally more well presented in America, and appearance is everything, but does that make it taste better? We’ve gotta side with the UK here, the comeback is on!

13. Popular restaurant chains

One thing that is EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING in the UK and absolutely nowhere in the USA is Nando’s. It’s a restaurant chain specialising in spicy chicken which has really taken over in the last few years.

Whereas America has Applebees… so you take this round, Britain. The comeback is real!

14. Nostalgic drinks

This weird sounding concoction (what the heck even is that list of ingredients?) is like an old timey version of soda in the UK, and doesn’t actually taste too bad.

But come on… a Coke float? A ROOT BEER float?! That’s definitely the winner.

15. The first food you think of when you think of that country

Fish and chips. A British institution. If you say you don’t like this stuff in the UK, no matter where you are, the whole place will stand up ready to fight you.

Whereas the first food you think of when you think of America has to be a burger. You just can’t get as excited or passionate about that, right? The UK takes it.

Well, we know which is out favorite, but which is yours? Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family to keep the debate going.

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