23 Things That Look Like Food But Definitely Aren't Edible

I once had a friend that got some delicious looking candies as a Christmas gift. She was overjoyed and the candies looked mouthwatering so she immediately took one out of the packaging and took a bite. It was soap. A fancy, edible looking, chocolate smelling soap. She’s never looked at a Christmas gift without suspicion since!

And she’s not the only one who’s been fooled by an edible looking object that turned out to be not quite as it seemed. Check out these 23 things that look like food but you definitely wouldn’t want to sink your teeth into!

1. “I microwaved soap and it looks like bread.”

You could definitely play a prank on someone with this bread soap, ‘here you go Felicia, a lovely bread roll hot out of the oven!’

2. This hose looks like an overripe banana

Although I know some of you out there are thinking that this looks just the right amount of ripe. You’re wrong. So wrong.

3. If you’re going to try to make peppermint swirl soap, make sure it has a swirl or it’ll just end up looking like raw meat.

And who wants to scrub themselves down with what looks like a slab of raw meat? No thanks!

4. I found your cat, it was hiding in a bakery the entire time!

But if anyone tried to take a bite out of that furry looking croissant, they’d get clawed in the face.

5. These aren’t trees, they’re just pineapples that never stopped growing!

Now we know where Spongebob got his house from! Where’s Patrick and Squidward?

6. You’d get into trouble if you tried to take a bite of these giant M&Ms!

They’re not delicious looking candies, they’re 3lb weights. You’d break your teeth if you tried to nibble on one of those!

7. The inside of this broken golfball looks like it was made from meat.

What are golfballs actually made from? Because looking at that I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually was meat!

8. I’m very sad to report that this is not a delicious chunk of chocolate squares.

It’s actually an unusual gemstone. And a huge disappointment to everyone.

9. Who dropped this perfectly good potato in the middle of the street?

Careful, it looks like a lovely spud, but it’s just a well disguised rock. Guess carbs are off the menu today after all.

10. Behold, the chocolate covered donut growing in it’s natural habitat!

If only it was that simple to find chocolate donuts, darn you mushroom, you got my hopes up!

11. Just a giant slab of bacon, hanging out on a cliffside, nothing unusual there.

Nope, not bacon, just another convincing looking rock. Why is everything I want to eat right now a rock or a mushroom?!

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