This is What a Typical Sandwich Looks Like in Countries Around the World

Sandwiches are a part of everyday life for million of people in this country. It’s not hard to see why – they’re cheap, they’re easy to make, and they can taste great. But what does your typical sandwich look like in different countries around the world?

Buzzfeed recently asked its readers that very question, and some of the responses look mouth-watering. Check them out below:

1. Denmark

This is a very popular Danish dish by the name of smørrebrød. It’s an open-faced sandwich with different choices of toppings, like roast beef, fish fillets etc. It looks fun to assemble and eat!

2. Puerto Rico

This densely-packed thing is called a tripleta. It’s three cuts of meat (beef, pork, and chicken), melty cheese, crunchy little potato sticks, and creamy mayo ketchup wrapped in a soft pillowy bread with a light toasting. A lot of bang for your buck!

3. Italy

This is tramezzino – a crustless break sandwich made usually made with paramo ham and italian cheese, with a few vegetables thrown in. A great sandwich if you’re in a hurry on your lunch break.

4. El Salvador

These are called pan migueleño, or pan de gallina. They’re very popular in the Central American country of El Salvador. They are made with bread, lettuce, tomato, marinade, cucumber, and of course chicken. You can add sauce too!

5. Colombia

This looks like the columbian version of what the French call a Croque Monsieur – aka a ham & cheese  toasted sandwich. The colombians call it ‘Sánduche de jamón y queso’.

6. United Kingdom

This is a bacon sandwich, made with thick bacon, rather than the streaky kind that us Americans are accustomed to. Brits often have these with ketchup or brown sauce. The brits go through millions of these a year.

7. Egypt

This is a Ta’meya sandwich, which is basically a sandwich with felafel and a garnish of vegetables. It’s a very popular egyptian breakfast.

8. Australia

It’s a stereotype that Australians love Vegemite, but some stereotypes exist for a reason. The vegemite sandwich is basically a staple food in Australia.

9. India

The indians have a dish called the vada pav, which is a pretty fancy named for deep fried potato dumpling inside a bread bun. It’s all in the spices I guess!

10. Portugal

This is the bifana, the most popular sandwich in Portugal. In fact, it’s so popular, McDonald’s even launched the McBifana there. It starts off with lightly-pounded pork steaks that have been marinated in a special garlic and spice concoction.

The cutlets are then sautéed and served on distinctive crusty-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside, floury Portuguese roll that has been slathered on one side with a mild deli-mustard.

Sounds UH. MAZE. ZING.

11. USA

There’s nothing wrong with a PB & J, but I think they could’ve picked a better sandwich to represent the USA. If there’s one thing we do well, it’s sandwiches!

 13. Pakistan

This is a typical Pakistani kabab. The patty is made of beef and lentils, and a whole range of spices. It’s usually topped with tomato, onion, a fried egg, and ketchup.

14. Netherlands

This is what the Dutch call a droodje gezond, which literary translates in English to ‘healthy sandwich.’ It doesn’t look that healthy to me, but it does look very tasty.

15. Finland

It’s an open sandwich made up of rye bread with cucumber, gravlax, and dill. It doesn’t look much like a sandwich to me! I’d still like to try it though – I like my seafood.

16. Jordan

This bread is called shrak, and is topped with lebnah (a tangy yogurt/cheese hybrid), olive oil, lots of veggies, mint, and hot peppers. It’s rolled up and toasted and tastes absolutely delicious.

17. Ireland

You can get one of these chicken fillet roll in every corner shop in Dublin, and it’s always delicious. A crusty baguette, lettuce, mayo, breaded spicy chicken – the rest of the toppings are up to you. It makes for a good, quick lunch.

18. Ukraine

This is a sandwich called buterbrod (Бутерброд) . It’s made up of Ukranian rye bread, salo (pig fat), and garlic or pickled cucumber.. They seem to like pickled things a lot over in Eastern Europe!

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