Tree Surgeon Sent Selfie To His Mum With The Message 'This Job Is Going To Kill Me' Hours Before Falling To His Death

As a mother, one of the worst things imaginable would be to get the news that your son or daughter had died.

But that’s exactly what happened to this man’s mom just hours after he checked in with her.

Working as a tree surgeon, Paul Daniels took this haunting selfie and sent his mum a text message saying “it’s going to kill me this job” just hours before falling 60 feet to his death.

Dad-of-two Paul Daniels died after falling on the job, while trimming branches off the top of some trees.


The 36-year-old had been pruning the top third of some tall conifers with a chainsaw when the accident happened. It is thought that the  safety rope meant to protect him was not hooked up properly.

As he cut away the top of the tree he was working on, the branches suddenly fell, dragging Paul 60 feet to the ground below.

The dad, from Cheadle, near Stockport in Greater Manchester, UK landed on his back and died of multiple injuries just 24 hours after texting his mum with the chilling words: “It’s going to kill me with this job.”

The accident has been part of a criminal inquest into Paul Daniels’ death, after it emerged he had raised concerns with his family.

His business partner Jessica Chandley had apparently accepted a low a £2,500 quote to prune 76 trees in just four days at a golf club in Greater Manchester.

An expert said was “impossible” to complete the job in the agreed timeframe with the staff at the company’s disposal.

Only Mr Daniels, Miss Chandley and Oliver Bancroft – who was a trainee who worked on the ground helping aid communication between them – had been assigned to the project in November 2016.

A jury returned a verdict of accidental death, but a coroner went on to call for an investigation into better communication between tree surgeons climbing to complete cutting work and colleagues on the ground.

During the four day long hearing, Miss Chandley told the court that after the first day went well, the team discussed getting a ‘cherry picker’ raised platform to fell the higher branches.

They decided against this because the ground was too uneven and the tree was too high. But later, a crash was heard, and the top of the tree fell, dragging the rope attached to Paul to the ground and sending him falling with it.

Paul hit the ground on his back, before the tree fell on top of him, causing fatal injuries.

It was said the Paul had taken all the necessary safety precautions to stop the accident happening.

But he had told his family that he felt unsafe on the job.

Paul’s mother Donna Daniels told the court: “He loved his job but he didn’t like the company he was working for and he didn’t like the job they were on.

“He didn’t feel they were getting enough money for it and the job was far too big. He said to me ‘It’s going to kill me with this job’.

Paul had often talked of the mistakes that the company he worked for were making, and that he couldn’t wait to save up enough money to start his own business himself.

“I gave him a big hug and a big kiss and told him not to worry about his job and I told him to be careful,” Donna said about the morning she last saw her son alive, “I just wished that I could have watched him doing what he loved.”

Louise Owen, mother of Mr Daniels’ two children – who are aged 13 and 15 – told the inquest: “The last time I saw Paul was on November 18 when he came round to talk about going away for Christmas with myself and the children.

“He did express some concern about money. He had got this new job and he felt they were being underpaid for the amount of work they had to do. He wasn’t happy about the quote they’d given, he didn’t think it was enough.”

“The last text I received from him was about giving some money for the children. He loved them so much.”


The Coroner said about the case: “This investigation gave rise to concern that risk of future deaths and action needs to be taken to eliminate any future risk of death.

“The thing that concerns me is the communication between a groundsman and the aerial climbers and the ratio of grounds people to aerial climbers. This needs further investigation.”

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