6 Warning Signs That Your Liver Is Packed With Toxins

We should all try to look after ourselves a bit better than we currently do.

Going to the gym a bit more, and cutting down on the fast food and surgery treats are all great ways of getting healthier.

After all, how are we suppose to fight off death and live a long and happy life if we can barely manage a flight of stairs without getting out of breath!

Ok, I’m not suggesting that you become a fitness fanatic, so stop panicking. But what I am saying is, when you reach a certain age, healthy living becomes more and more important.

Trust me, it’s something you won’t regret in the long run!

Your liver is one of the most important organs in our body.

It’s constantly working around to clock to keep us happy and healthy, and how do we repay it? By battering it with drinking!

All this drinking can clog your liver with toxins which damage your health.

But spotting the signs that your liver is crying out for help can be hard to spot sometimes.

So, we’ve gathered a list of tips to help you see when your liver is crying out for help.

6. Pain In Your Liver Area

If you’re feeling achy in your upper right abdomen, then it’s a sign that your liver is in trouble.

Usually, it’s felt as a dull pain, but sometimes it’s quite intense.

Now if you remember from your old bio classes at school, it’s the liver’s job to detoxify and help the body filter out waste as well as help the body digest food into nutritional products.

When your liver is affected by a disease, it can’t operate properly or efficiently, so it swells and causes pain.

5. Leg and ankle swelling

When you ignore the problem, your poor liver tries to repair itself, which often results in scar tissue forming.

The more scar tissue there is, the harder your liver has to work to function properly.  This finally leads to portal hypertension.

The latter causes fluid to accumulate in the legs. Thankfully, swelling is painless, but it may affect both legs, the calves, or the thighs.

However, the gravity effect makes the swelling more visible in the lower part of the body. Awkward!

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