8 Hidden Symptoms Of Depression That Anyone Could Be Suffering With

Depression can be devastating to both those who suffer with it and their loved ones. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognise the symptoms of depression in those you love, and even within yourself, so it’s useful to know some times to look for. We’ve listed 8 hidden symptoms of depression that anyone could be suffering with, to help you to notice them when the appear.

1. They make a big show of being happy

People who have depression can sometimes seem like the happiest people in the world on the outside. This is because they could be trying to hide how they really feel from those around them, putting out a carefree persona instead. If you have a heart to heart with them, you may discover that things are very different on the inside.

2. They stop having pride in their appearance

Those with depression can sometimes find it difficult to keep up their personal hygiene. This may even extend past their messy appearance and start to show itself in their home too. If your once neat and tidy friend is looking a little messy, they could be dealing with depression.

3. They’re full of excuses

If you find that your friend is full of excuses why they can’t meet up or suddenly can’t go to a party they’ve been looking forward to for weeks, it could be that they’re trying to hide their depression from you. Saying that they’ve had a sudden emergency is probably easier for them to say than ‘I don’t want to go because I feel too depressed.’

4. They obsess over one topic or event

If you find your loved one latching onto one topic or event and not letting it do, their thought processes could be indicating depression. They could talk about this topic for hours but may not actually do anything to make their situation better in the long run, they’ll just go over and over this one thing in their head.

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