Woman Left Fighting For Her Life After Leaving Her Tampon In For Nine Days

Periods are horrible.

Periods can be painful.

Periods can feel like the end of the world is happening in your uterus.

They are essentially biological ninjas that can surprise you at any minute, and they can make the next couple of days a living hell.

They ruin our favorite knickers and make us go crazy for days on end, as we feel like our ovaries are being torn apart.

Not only that but we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for tampons and pads.

It’s ridiculous!

Most people go through terrible cramps, emotions, and hormones that are all over the place, and the constant fear of bleeding through.

Periods are like the slasher in every horror movie. It’s always a surprise when it appears, and it’s always bloody.

Making sure that young women are fully aware of options when it comes to periods, tampons vs pads, is very important.

But one of the first things you learn about tampons is the scary reality of Toxic Shock Syndrome – TSS.

I remember being told about TSS when I just became a young woman, and I think I screamed so loud they heard me down the road.

It’s absolutely terrifying that something could kill you if you forget about it.

But when I became an adult, I learned that TSS is actually quite rare to contract, meaning but, if you are not careful, it can become a scary reality.

20-year-old Emily Pankhurst had been feeling sick for a while, but she thought it was due to the overwhelming stress of college and her upcoming exams.

But she soon found out she was seriously ill.

She released that she had left a tampon in for nine days. That’s right, nine days.

Once she realized her mistake she immediately removed it, but the tampon was “completely black.”

After she removed the tampon, she “became faint, began to slur all of her words and her skin tone completely changed.”

The moral of the story try and avoid leaving your tampon in for over a week!

Ideally, you should change your tampon every four or six hours.

But soon after removing the tampon, things started to get pretty dangerous for Emily.

She was rushed to the hospital, and that’s where doctors found that Emily was suffering from TSS and blood poisoning.

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