Woman Shows How Her Six-Pack Stomach Can Become Hugely Bloated Just Minutes After Eating Certain Foods

So many of us face the battle of the bloat every day that it can feel like just a normal, but seriously annoying thing. We wish it didn’t happen but we’re just not sure what we could even do about it, so we resign ourselves to wearing our fat pants and deal with uncomfortable bloat when it comes.

It’s easy to envy those with flat stomachs and washboard abs, but did you know that they can suffer with bloating just as badly as those of us who don’t put in time at the gym? One woman who suffers with unbelievable bloating problems is bodybuilder, Michelle Middleton.

Michelle Middleton, who comes from Oregon, is a bodybuilder with over 107 thousand followers on her Instagram account. She uses this account to share fitness tips and the progress of her fitness routine. Recently though, she’s also been sharing some other progress pictures that have shocked her followers and people around the world.

No, the photos Michelle has been sharing have been far from average gym snaps, she’s been showing the world how her stomach reacts to foods that trigger her extreme bloating. Within just minutes of eating foods that don’t agree with her stomach, her belly swells up to an unbelievable size, just take a look at this photo for yourself!

Yes, that is the same person, no, she’s not pregnant and no, this is not a before weight loss photo. That is Michelle Middleton mere minutes after eating bloat triggering foods, and you can see that her six-pack is totally eclipsed by her bloated stomach. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about my own fat pants!

Michelle captioned one of her bloating photos with the words, “When I say I’m bloated… I’m bloated. I do these bloat posts every now and then but people still get surprised at how big my belly gets. Yes I get bloated and it happens when I eat certain foods.” She’s revealed that some of the most triggering foods for her include apples, pears, cauliflower and some protein powders, which I imagine is a huge pain in the butt for a bodybuilder!

“Impossible is not a fact but an opinion.” I use to think it was impossible for me to ever lose weight, to be lean, to be strong, to ever compete in a bodybuilding show. And no, it’s not impossible. Not for me and not for you. You CAN reach your goals. Yes it’s going to take really freakn hard work. If it was easy then we would all be walking around in our dream bods. It takes some knowledge, patience, consistency and discipline. We all get tired, lazy, cravings, would rather do this or that than go to the gym etc but choosing to put effort into your goals when you don’t feel like it is when it’s going to pay off in the long run. To all the girls messaging me about how they are discouraged, lost, feeling like a failure … don’t give up. I’ve felt all of these and more in the past. I started this account day one of my fitness journey and all of my mistakes and successes are there for everyone to see. I think what got me this far was never giving up and working really hard. I’m still to this day working on achieving my goals. #hardworkpaysoff

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