Here's How Your Phone Is Actually Damaging Your Health

There are some people out there who struggle to spend more than five minutes detached from their home.

I’m quite proud to say that I can manage a whole ten minutes without my phone before I go crazy.

But the fact that some people struggle to tear themselves apart from their phone is worrying.

I mean, what do they do if they’re stuck in an hour-long meeting?

How do they cope?

I understand it must be a struggle, kinda like having an empty wine glass on a Friday night.

It must be a nightmare!

Don’t deny it, you’re probably reading this on your cell phone!

Your phone is the best thing for keeping in touch with your friends and family.

For many people, their phones are a major part of their life.

At the moment, 95 percent of Americans use cell phones on a regular basis.

But sadly, that means everyone is suffering from the same problem.


The fact is cell phones release radiation and it can affect our bodies.

Cell phones put out radio frequency (RF) energy, which could have a serious effect on our health.

RF energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation that’s also used by TV and radio transmitters as well as microwaves. It’s true that it’s not as damaging as other forms of radiation, like X-rays or UV rays, but it still could pose a serious health risk.

So in an attempt to make sure you stay safe and healthy while on your cell phone, here is a list of things to do and not do with your phone.

1. Off The Grid

These days, there’s no way you can avoid cell phone radiation unless you go far into the country and go off the grid.

But even if you live your life in the woods, chances are you’ll eventually wander straight into a cell phone tower.

2. Don’t Hold It To Your Head

It’s recommended that you avoid holding your phone to your head.

Whenever it’s possible, use a headset or put your call on speakerphone.

While headsets still emit RF energy, there’s less of it emitted compared to cell phones.

3. Send Texts

Instead of talking to someone on the phone, text them.

That way you don’t have to hold the phone up to your head, and you cut some of the contact with the RF.

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