People Petition For Father Christmas To Be Renamed 'Person Christmas'

Christmas is almost upon us and I don’t know about you, but I’m more excited than ever! The presents are wrapped, the decorations are all over my house and the fridge is stuffed with delicious food that will make this years Christmas dinner worthy of awards. I’ve got a whole library of Christmas movies lined up waiting to be watched and a stash of candy canes just for me. It won’t be long until Father Christmas is loading up his sleigh and flying across the globe to deliver gifts to everyone.

Everyone has fond memories of when they believed in Santa Claus as a child. Going to bed early and getting tucked in, because Father Christmas doesn’t deliver if you’re awake! And praying that you’ve been good enough to make it onto the nice list this year. Father Christmas is a huge part of the holiday, but could we soon have to refer to him by another name entirely? Could we soon be calling jolly old Saint Nick, ‘Person Christmas’?

Recently, issues surrounding gender and gender norms have been making headlines. They’re issues that have seen a lot of publicity over the past year, as people challenge the gender norms that have been forced upon society for ages. One group of people who have been challenging these norms are those who are ‘gender-fluid.’ These are people who don’t believe that they conform to one fixed gender and move fluidly between the two.

With the holidays approaching, people have started to voice the idea that a gender fluid Santa Claus could be a good idea, allowing gender-fluid people to feel more represented in society. Some Twitter users were all for this idea, like this person who happily volunteered themselves to be the new gender-fluid Santa, apparently they’ve got the laugh to do the role justice…

And why not a gender-fluid Father Christmas? Well, some people seem to think that the idea of a Santa Claus that doesn’t conform to conventional gender norms is actually threatening to their way of life. The idea of calling Father Christmas a more neutral name like ‘Person Christmas’ seems to be putting a real damper on their holiday spirit.

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