10 Things Meghan Markle Will Be Banned From Doing When She's Married To Prince Harry

Being Meghan Markle sounds like a dream right now, doesn’t it? She gets to marry her handsome prince, have a fabulous wedding and be a part of the British Royal Family for the rest of her life. It’s like a fairy tale come true and I think we’re all a little bit jealous deep down.

But being married to a prince might not be all it’s cracked up to be, as Meghan will find out now she’s engaged to Prince Harry. There are a strict set of rules that members of the Royal Family have to follow and she will be no exception. Here’s ten of the things Meghan Markle will have to give up now she’s going to be royalty.

1. Voting

Although Meghan Markle will be granted British Citizenship when she marries Prince Harry, she won’t be voting in any of the UK elections. It’s not that it’s illegal for her to vote, it’s just considered unconstitutional for the Queen to vote and the rest of the Royal Family follow suit.

2. Sitting with her legs crossed

We’ve all seen how Princess Kate sits, right? Hands on her lap, knees together and legs slanted? That’s how it’s gonna have to be for Meghan too because sitting with your legs crossed is frowned upon by the Royal Family. I honestly don’t think I’d last five minutes.

3. Taking a selfie

Meghan has already had to stop taking selfies with fans, since her engagement to Prince Harry. It’s been reported that she recently told a fan that “we’re not allowed to do selfies”, clearly a reference to Royal protocol. I think it’s kind of a shame really, look at how good her selfie game was! She’s letting those selfie skills go to waste!

4. Signing autographs

Any Suits fans who snapped up an autograph before Meghan was engaged to Prince Harry might find that they’re suddenly worth a whole lot more. The Royal Family is not allowed to sign autographs as it’s feared that they could be copied and used to forge documents which could be harmful to the Royals.

5. Going anywhere alone

You’ll never see Meghan Markle out and about on her own any more as every member of the Royal Family must be accompanied by a security detail at all times. It’s going to make walking the dog a lot more difficult!

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