12 of the Most Dangerous Creatures in the Animal Kingdom – Aunty Acid Buzz

1. Blue-ringed Octopus

Do not be fooled by appearances – this guy is one of the most deadly creatures of the sea. Native to Australia and its surrounding oceans, this little thing can inject you with a deadly neurotoxin which will cause your muscles to shut down, meaning that if you don’t have immediate access to medical attention, you will stop breathing completely pretty soon.

2. The saw-scaled viper

If you’re unfortunate enough to get bitten by one of these, the odds are that you’ll suffer fatal organ haemorrhage. Not a nice way to go. Luckily, snakes are quite antisocial and generally like to stay away from humans. Still, be careful on your next hike!

3. Portuguese Man-o-war

Contrary to popular belief, this guy is not a jellyfish – it’s a siphonophore that pretends to be a jellyfish. It also inflicts its extremely painful venom on countless humans every year, with victims suffering from hugely painful red swelling on the skin, which then transfers to the lymph nodes and causes potentially deadly fevers. Steer well clear!

4. Komodo dragon

These bad boys are the largest lizards in the animal kingdom. While they’re pretty rare out in the wild, you wouldn’t want to come across one. Komodos are known to bite their prey, infection them with a mild venom that takes effect over several days. They will then stalk their victim, for days, if necessary, and simply wait for the venom to take its toll before eating their prey. Chilling!

5. The black spitting thick-tailed scorpion 

We all know scorpions are dangerous, but this guy in particular is one to watch out for. You don’t even have to be stung by this scorpion to suffer its wrath – he can shoot venom from as far as a meter away! While it’s usually not deadly venom, it can cause blindness and extreme pain, which can become permanent if left untreated.

6. The Brazilian wandering spider

This spider’s bite is venomous as hell, but also has a bizarre effect on male human bite victims – its venom causes long-lasting painful erections in men, which do not go away and are usually followed by death. Even if you survive, it’s highly likely that sufferers will have erectile dysfunction for the rest of their days. Stay away, fellas.

7. Polar bear

It’s a shame that something that looks so cute can be so deadly, but ohhh boy they sure are. Polar bears are way more aggressive than grizzlies or black bears, and will chase humans down over vast expanses of frozen land. If one of these charges you, you’re a goner.

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