25 Designer Fails That Are Guaranteed To Make You Question Everything

I don’t know about you but I’m having a pretty terrible day.

First I accidentally slept through my alarm, then I burnt my toast, and then I got stuck in traffic!

I still haven’t recovered from it!

But thankfully, I have the perfect remedy for any terrible day. Laughter.

Laughter is good for us after all!

Not only goes it makes us feel better, it actually helps combat mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

It can even help you lose weight.

According to recent studies, just fifteen minutes of laughter can burn fifty calories. That’s pretty amazing, right?!

Laughing is a great way to pass the time and it’ll make your last day of work before the weekend goes just a little bit quicker!

So luckily for you, I have found some of the funniest design fails that will make you question everything you know and hold dear.

Seriously, someone probably got fired because of these fails.

When it comes to designing something, it’s important to remember to look at all aspects of it.

Can it be taken in the wrong way? Will it translate well into a real product? Will anything disrupt or disturb it? Does it go against what we’re trying to say or sell? And most importantly, does it make sense?

To most people, these basic rules of design seem simple.

However, if you’re struggling to get your head around them, maybe a career in design isn’t for you!

Seriously, someone thought that bread slippers and a shower-friendly coffee pot were a good idea.

What were these people thinking?!

Someone’s definitely getting fired now!

These pictures feature some of the funniest examples of their work that prove the importance of every punctuation mark and all those other little details.

While these designers may not have bad intentions, their creations turned out to be better at amusing people rather than doing what they were supposed to do.

You need to check these photos out, you may not believe that someone was dumb enough to design these, but you’ll still laugh yourself silly regardless.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these hilariously wacky design fails!

1. Sandal Slippers

Love wearing sandals but you’re not allowed to wear your shoes indoors? Then try wearing these incredible sandal socks!

2. Don’t Buy This, Please?

I know Minions are very popular at the moment, but seriously, why does this have to be a thing?

3. Fish Slippers

Let’s hope they’re not as smelly and slimy as the real thing! Seriously though, who in their right mind would wear these?

4. I’m Not Thirsty Anymore

Does anyone want a nice cold, refreshing glass of clam juice? No? … I didn’t think so! What a surprise!

5. Bread Slippers

It looks like weird slippers are the latest trends… Hopefully, it doesn’t catch on too much.

6. Hands-Free

Want to video call your family but don’t want to use your hands? You should try this collar device which will hold your phone for you while you do other things!

7. Plug-In Bulb 

Honestly, I’m not even going to attempt to guess what that is…

8. Take The Weight Off 

Curious about how big that last (you know what) was? Well, now you can finally find out by using this handy toilet seat weighing scales!

It’s incredible!

9. Don’t Make This At Home

What the hell is that? Why would you put bread and pasta together in a single item like that?!

10. Nose Stylist

This is guaranteed to make you look like an idiot 100% of the time!

11. Give Me A Refill, Please!

I hope when the bell rings, it says ‘please’. Seriously, people, manners cost nothing.

12. Still Better Than Crocs

I wonder what these bad boys are made from?

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