35 Incredible Before And After Makeup Transformations

Makeup is incredible stuff if anything it’s practically magic!

It can give women (and men) the confidence to go about their day while kicking butt at the same time! Who wouldn’t want to have that feeling?

I know some people argue that women shouldn’t get their self-esteem from how they look or their makeup ability, but not every woman can deal without makeup. I know I can’t!

It’s a well-known fact that makeup has been around for centuries.

It all started off with the Egyptians, where both men and women wore it to show off their wealth and status. However, it also had some practical uses.

For thousands of years, women have experimented with their makeup by using different products to accentuate certain facial features—and to conceal blemishes and unfashionable areas of the face. Just take a look at some of the makeup designs from Venice in the 17th Century! That was a bold move!

While there’s no denying that there’s a beauty in a bare face, it has to be said that makeup can make things a little fun! Especially when you’re experimenting with new makeup looks.

From a smoky eye to a ’60s mod look, it’s all an adventure!

Below you can find 19 beautiful women who were brave enough to bare half of their face while the other side was totally done up with makeup. This way you will see how makeup can totally transform a person, you’ll be headed to your makeup box to give it a try yourself in no time at all!

1. Big Smiles 

It’s amazing how some good makeup can plant a huge smile on your face, isn’t it?!

2. Princess Look

That makeup is amazing! She looks prettier than a Princess!

3. Purple Eyes 

This makeup look is pretty damn incredible!

4. Trend Setter

I wish I could do this! I can never get my make up to look as good as this!

5. All Ready

Looks like someone is ready for an incredible night out on the town!

6. Incredible Look

What a transformation! It’s funny what a little bit of makeup can do!

7. Cheeky Cheeky!

Wow, she looks incredible!

8. A Little Smile

Wow, she looks like a million bucks, doesn’t she?!

9. Ageless Look

Wow, this look has just taken years off her! Incredible isn’t it?!

10. A Chic Look 

Wow! What an incredible look!

11. Photo Ready

What an incredible transformation, I can’t believe it!

12. Years Off

Wow, that’s taken years off her face! Incredible, right?!

13. An Art

It’s almost like they are two different people! What a work of art!

14. Bold Lips

Let’s be honest, nothing beats a nice bold lipstick! It’s the best way to transform your look!

15. All Done

It’s amazing what a bit of patience and skill can do. This is truly incredible!

16. A Big Change

I wish I had this makeup artist skills when it came to makeup!

17. Two Faced

Regardless if you like makeup every day or not, you have to admit that this is a rather stunning transformation!

18. Work of Art

Makeup is a great way to express who you are and make your favorite features stand out.

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