A Chinese Family Spent 6 Months Working Out, And Their Before And After Photos Are Astounding!

This new year, many people’s resolutions for 2018 will involve trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Whether that’s eating better, or exercising more, perhaps losing some unwanted extra weight, or maybe even all of the above!

For one family in China, it started out not just as a new year’s resolution, but they actually began losing weight together in the middle of last year.

Their inspiring story, remarkable transformations and strengthened relationships has now really taken off across social media.

1. Check out the transformation for yourself!

Everybody looks so different now!

2. Okay, so you might have noticed one little addition, and that’s where the story begins

When Jesse’s wife became pregnant with their first child, his mom made up her mind to move in with the family to help with the new arrival. So that explains one kind of weight loss!

3. It was all documented through social media, of course

Jesse’s Instagram followers have been treated to the family’s weight loss journey, and now their story is going viral all around the world!

4. This is Jesse himself, who describes himself on social media as a model, photographer and designer

Many of his photography projects revolve around his family, and his weight loss diary is no exception!

5. Here he is pictured with his father, who is another inspirational part of this story!

When Jesse’s old man moved in, he was an alcoholic with a noticeable beer belly.

6. His dad worked to run a small bamboo factory

But when the family moved in together, they all saw it was an opportunity not just to become healthier together, but also to strengthen the family ties they all experienced.

7. So their weight loss journey began last March

It was supposed to conclude in September, but the whole family have now decided that this is just how things should be. They’ve adopted their new ways as their lifestyle from now on, so I guess that half a year was the first six months of the rest of their lives!

8. So how did they achieve such phenomenal results in such a short amount of time?

Well, exercise was key! At first, the family started fast walking, which they gradually stepped up to jogging. As time went on, they added more and more exercise, before they felt their fitness levels were good enough to allow them to hit the gym.

9. The photography project began at their weigh ins!

The family would weigh and measure their bodies every ten days to see how much weight they had lost. As time went along, the results became more and more obvious, as well as more startling!

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