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It’s a long road to stardom, whether you’re an actor, a musician, or an artist. We’ve all had to do jobs we didn’t like in order to make ends meet, and Hollywood’s A-listers are no different!

Check out the jobs that these celebs did before hitting the big time:

1. Steve Buscemi


As you may be able to tell from the picture above, the much-respected actor Steve Buscemi once worked as a firefighter in his native New York City. Amazingly, he took up the job again temporarily to help out in the aftermath of 9/11. We salute you, Mr. Buscemi.

2. Christopher Walken


In a previous life, Hollywood actor Christopher Walken was a freakin’ LION TAMER. Yep, that’s right – he used to perform with a lion named Sheba. I can’t believe I’d never heard that before.

3. Danny DeVito


Danny is barely recognisable in the above pic, which was taken in the era when he had a truly bizarre day job. He was a hairdresser… for corpses. Yup, he used to prettify people, usually women, who had recently passed, so that they would look their best going into the next life. Whatever you gotta do to pay the bills, I suppose…

4. Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford has always seemed distinguished older gentleman, even when he was relatively young in the first Star Wars trilogy. But check out this pic of Ford during his days as a carpenter! He was a full-on hippy, as I still am at heart.

5. Christopher Lee


Perhaps best known amongst modern audiences for his role as Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies, Christopher Lee enjoyed a long and illustrious career in film, before passing away at the ripe old age of 93 in 2015. As you can see from the picture above, he wasn’t always an actor – this pic was taken when he was in the British secret service! What a dashing young chap he was.

6. Johnny Depp


Some men age like a fine wine, and Johnny Depp is the perfect example of that. However, he was still cute as a young kid! This picture was taken around the time that he worked as a telemarketer. He absolutely hated the job and only made one sale before eventually throwing in the towel. He even talked a customer out of a sale in his time there! Some people are just destined for greater things.

7. Piers Brosnan


Long before he landed the gig of a lifetime with the James Bond movies, Piers Brosnan was a professional fire eater for three years. I guess it’s kiiiinda related, in that it’s still entertainment, but there are certainly safer ways to make a living!

8. Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt, who has been MISTER Hollywood Heartthrob for over 25 years, once had the undignified job of standing outside a chicken restaurant in a full chicken suit, in order to entice customers in. I don’t know about you, but I’d be more enticed by Brad Pitt himself!

9. Jim Carrey


Before making it as one of the world’s most successful comedy actors, Carrey quit school to work as a janitor, in order to support his family. Funny how things turn out, ain’t it?

10. Rihanna


Okay, so this isn’t a job as such, but it’s still very strange to see Ri Ri in full military uniform an don her best behaviour!

11. Bob Ross


A kind and gentle soul, Bob Ross is fondly remembered as the host of his painting shows which aired on public access TV in the 80s and 90s. How strange it is to see him in military garb with a clean-cut hairdo! He was a handsome young man though.

12. Barack Obama


Barack Obama worked as an ice cream server as Baskin & Robbins, before going on to become the 44th president of the United States of America. That’s some career trajectory right there!

13. Bill Murray


As a much younger man, the much-loved screen actor Bill Murray used to make a living by selling chestnuts outside of a grocery store. And who could say no – just look at that smile!

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