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Niagara Falls, a collective of waterfalls which lies on the border between the USA and Canada, is one of the great wonders of the natural world. On any given year, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists across the world, all keen to get a look at the natural beauty of the immense waterfalls.

However, I bet most of those tourists will never have seen the falls like THIS.

Horseshoe Falls

That’s right – what you see above is NOT a quirky oil painting, but a photograph taken recently at a lookout point on Niagra Falls.

Yup, this area of North America has got so freakin’ cold that the falls have FROZEN OVER. Literally, the whole thing.

Fire And Ice

Social media has been driven into a frenzy over the freak weather spell, which is cold even by Canadian winter standards!

Many Twitter users have remarked that the photos look like something out of Narnia, and looking at these pictures, you can see what they mean!

Beautiful Cold Scenes At Niagara Falls Today - Simply Breathtaking 😱❄️♥️🇨🇦

It can’t be very nice for the wildlife who are living here (those who haven’t migrated for the winter), but it’s certainly nice to look at.

Check out this thin twig frozen solid in several layers of ice – it makes for a kind of natural Christmas decoration!

Continuing With Our Winter Enjoyment, We Went To Niagara Falls Today. Due To The Extreme Cold, The Ice Formations Were Incredible! I Think I Prefer The Beauty Of The Falls In The Winter More Than In The Summer. Here Are Some Of My Favourite Shots. .

The ice looks beautiful on the manmade parts of Niagara as well, as seen below. The sun seems to be trying its hardest to melt some of the ice, but it just won’t budge!

One Last Photo From My Recent Visit At Niagara Falls. It’s A Place I Enjoyed Visiting, I Went Under The Falls, Spent Time With The Butterflies And Visited The Indoor Flower Garden While Of Course Walking Along The Seawall Of The Falls! I’m Always Looking For Something Different To Capture And This Is The One Shot I Preferred The 3 Elements Of Ice Water And The Sun Completed The Composition. Hope You Like It. 😀

Of course, Niagara Falls is seen as primarily a tourist destination, but you would think that there are at least a handful of people who live there all year round. Look at this cute dwelling tucked into the side of a cliff!

You’ll probably notice hundreds of tourist at the top, too. And who can blame them – this is a sight to behold!

A Frozen Paradise ❄️❄️❄️

Here’s that same building closer up – it really is beautiful, isn’t it? I don’t know if this photograph has been turned into a postcard yet, but if not, it should be!

10 Degrees Fahrenheit Makes For Some Really Cool Ice Around Niagara Falls

The thing about deep winter snow and ice is that it can make every objects look magical and mysterious. Check out this frozen-over lamp post, for example – pretty stunning!

Decoraram A Luminária Com Algodão, Igual A Gente Fazia Na Árvore De Natal Quando Criança.... 🤔🤔

But I suppose we should draw our attention back to the main attraction – the frozen waterfall itself. It really is mind-boggling how it’s possible for such a huge, gushing waterfall to completely freeze over, but it is, and it looks truly amazing:

Frozen Niagara Falls

By the side of the cliff, we can see hundreds and thousands of stalactites protruding from the cliff edge.

I had to Google that – I can never remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites!

Though Known For Its Hundreds Of Acres Of Lush Terrain And Trails Conducive To Hiking, Niagara Falls State Park Boasts Equally Stunning Views Even As Temperatures Drop And Crowds Thin. Right Now, The Falls Are Completely Coated In Ice — And Absolutely Jaw-Dropping. More Than 3,000 Tons Of Water Flows Over The Falls Every Second. Sometimes The Ice Over The Niagara River At The Base Of The Falls Gets So Thick That People Have Been Known To Build Concession Stands Across It Or Walk Back And Forth Between The U.s. And Canada. Photos By Aaron Lynett/the Canadian Press Via Ap

This isn’t the first time that the Niagara Falls have frozen over, but it’s no wonder that this phenomenon has attracted so many visitors this year. These sights are simply beyond words! Just beautiful.

I can tell you this though – I wouldn’t want to live there! I can barely handle the weather in New England.

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