Remember Little Cora From 'Titanic'? Here's What She's Up To These Days

Trying to create a cinematic version of one of the most poignant tragedies that have ever happened to humanity is no easy feat.

There’s a fine line between paying homage and exploiting the event for financial gain.

That was one feat the cast and crew of the ‘Titanic’ they had to face.

It’s true that the film heavily focuses on the romance between Jack and Rose, but it’s still very sensitive when it comes to its portrayal of this devastating accident.

Can you believe it has been 20 years since the epic move Titanic hit the big screens?!  

It’s serious enough to make you feel your age, but not nearly as much as seeing the cast as they are these days!

We can all remember the bit in the film where Rose and Jack spends the night dancing, drinking, and of course, having steamy car sex.

But you’ll also remember at this bit in the film, just before the steamy romp scene, we see that Jack has made friends with an adorable girl called Cora. 

Not only did she have the chance to dance with Leo… I mean Jack! But she also was called his ‘best girl’.

I wish I was his ‘best girl’!

The little girl was played by actress Alexandrea Owens-Sarno. She was just 8-years-old when she landed the role of ‘best girl’. 

It’s been 20 years since Alexandrea landed the role in the hit film, and she recently talked about what she’s up to these days.

“I’ve had a couple people recognise me in the past few years. I went to a bar with some friends, recently, for example; our server came by, took our drink orders, and when she came back with them, she said, ‘I have a really weird question for you.’ 

“Yes, she asked me if I was in Titanic, and she full-on said to me, ‘I was going to walk up to you and just say, ‘You’re still my best girl, Cora,’ but I didn’t want to be wrong and then feel like an idiot.’

“But I really wish she had, because that would have made my entire life.”

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