These Twins Were Born A Year Apart After Their Mom Went Into Premature Labour

Anyone who grew up watching The Parent Trap and Sister Sister wondered what it would like to be a twin. To have someone else who looks just like you to play pranks with and to be your very best friend as you grow up together. You could pretend to be each other to trick your teachers, wear matching outfits to confuse your parents, seems like there’s double the fun when there’s two of you!

But when you think about it, being a twin isn’t always a walk in the park. You have to share everything and I mean everything! Your clothes, your toys, even your birthday! Not even the one special day of the year that’s supposed to be all about you is really all about you as you have to share it with your twin. But what if you could still be a twin but have completely different birthdays? And not just birthDAYS but birth years too? Sounds like a much better deal, doesn’t it?

Recently, a pair of twins have been born who not only share different birthdays, but they weren’t even born in the same year! As the rest of the world was celebrating the dawn of a new year, Maria Ontivero was in labour, bringing her new babies into the world, and she certainly wasn’t expecting for her lovely little twins to be born a year apart! In fact, she hadn’t been expecting the babies to arrive so quickly at all!

Maria had gone in to labour four weeks early, as the twins were originally due to be born on January 27th 2018. However, any Mom will tell you that when the babies decide that it’s their time to come into the world, then there’s no stopping them! And these two little ones definitely had plans to be the most unusual twins on the playground.

Joaquin Ontivero came into the world at two minutes to midnight on December 31st 2017 and his little sister Aitana followed along 18 minutes later, on the 1st of January 2018. Looks like they were determined to have their own birthday celebrations after all! Maria and her husband Joaquin, who are farm labourers from California, were overjoyed with their new arrivals and couldn’t believe their timing!

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