21 Ridiculous And Hilarious Security Fails Spotted In Everyday Life

We all take our security seriously, and if you’re anything like me, you check all the doors and windows of your house about 3 times before you leave for the day.

That’s after you set the alarm, and unleash the guard dogs, uncover the moat full of sharks, pull up the drawbridge and of course arm you mine field.

It’s just what any security conscious person does these days, right?

Well, not if you’re these folks! They have much more of an, ‘if it happens, it happens’ approach to whether or not they get all of their stuff stolen!

1. This person clearly didn’t think through how they were chaining their bike up

Maybe they’re really used to tying up a boat on one of those things? Anyway, let’s be fair to this guy or girl, it’s not like that scooter is going anywhere with a giant chain stuck through the front wheel! Security rating: 4 out of 10. Sure, it’s dumb, but it’s probably not gonna get stolen either.

2. Whereas this security rating is a solid 0.1 out of 10 

Hey, times are tough, we all have to make cutbacks in certain areas of our lives!

3. Unless that sign is drilled into the floor or something, this person is gonna be face with a long walk home

I mean, are they ASKING for their bicycle to be stolen, or what?

4. All that’s missing here is a sign reading ‘Please don’t steal from me’

“Hey, that ATM just gave me $500!” How much did you ask for? “Nothing, I just took it”.

5. Any potential thieves had better be prepared for these strong security measures!

Take that, no good burglars! Hope you’re good at… unscrewing things!

6. Want to access the secret files in that locked drawer? Simple!

Just take out the drawer above and reach in! I bet whoever spent all that time screwing a lock to that drawer feels pretty stupid right now.

7. The age of the robots is dawning!

Sure, maybe to your untrained eye that looks like a Roomba with a knife taped to it… but what you’re really looking at here is SecuriBot 1.0! The future of law enforcement is here!

8. Oh no, a security barrier! How will I make my way into the top secret underground base now?!

Hey wait, the steering wheel on this thing turns left and right!

9. This security guard is always alert… apart from right after lunch

Maybe the more worrying thing is that the cardboard cutout is carrying a full sized shotgun! Where the heck is that guy guarding!?

10. If there was a more accurate representation of the firewall you get free with a new laptop, I haven’t seen it yet

Then again, it looks like it’s keeping this potential robber at bay!

11. Some might say that this is kinda dumb

That is a pretty hard combination to remember, and the people who work here have a lot on their minds, okay?

12. Put your security codes in a fun font like this!

So when a mad axe murderer just walks in, at least they’ll be in a cheerful mood!

13. Maybe they’re just describing the fence’s personality?

Then again it looks like this fence was made before electricity was even invented, so maybe not!

14. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Why do I get the impression that a man has done this and not a woman?

15. Can’t afford a car alarm, but don’t want your child’s toy car to be stolen?

Well, ask yourself if you can afford a padlock and some chain instead.

16. Don’t be fooled, this guy is a trained killer

It’s just that ‘Warning: Guard Goat’ doesn’t quite have the same menacing ring to it, that’s all.

17. Have you ever seen a more lonely looking turnstyle in your life?

I would use that thing just out of feeling sorry for it!

18. Well this bridge seems totally safe and secure!

This is really not helping with my fear of crossing bridges here, folks. In fact, this is pretty much my worst nightmare.

19. I’ve never seen a more secure garage!

Stealing a car out of that thing must be almost totally impossible! Good luck to you, unless it’s a freakin’ hover car!

20. No, after YOU! I insist!

This is the kinda door that Wile E. Coyote would run straight out of!

21. Maybe this isn’t a security fail exactly…

But firstly, it’s definitely a fail… and secondly, if the way those swords are attached to the wall wasn’t REALLY ‘secure’, we’d have a situation on our hands here.

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