25+ Incredible Photos Of The Extreme Cold Weather Hitting North America Right Now

You might have seen on the news that the East coast of America and Canada are experiencing a cold snap like no other around about now!

This so-called ‘bomb cyclone’ doesn’t just have a dramatic name!

It has resulted in sub-zero temperatures across thousands of miles, with many states in the US being affected.

The snow has come down thick and fast, and even fast flowing water has frozen over.

This has all made for some pretty incredible sights, and people have taken the opportunity to snap these amazing pictures!

1. This fountain in New York City froze

Maybe they should turn off their fountains in the winter there!

2. It was so cold outside that the glass in this lady’s door cracked!

It’s so cold outside that even warming the inside of your house is dangerous for the windows!

3. Niagra Falls has frozen over

What a crazy but spectacular sight it makes!

4. It’s cold enough that you might need to shave with an ice pick!

Even the mist from this guys breath has frozen into icicles in his beard!

5. Some places have enjoyed a freeze in gas prices!

But I don’t think this is exactly what they had in mind…

6. Can’t get gas for your car?

It’s not like the car itself is gonna go anywhere right now anyway!

7. Wow, look how the ice has formed fractals on this tree!

So pretty! But it makes me kinda glad I’m sitting here looking at photos rather than out in the cold!

8. It’s cold enough to make a quick freezing sculpture out of boiling noodles!

Who would even think to do this? It looks kinda spooky!

9. It got so cold that this guy gave his coat to his dog

The dog looks pretty grateful, but those two are gonna get some strange looks on the rest of their walk now!

10. The steam from this sewer grate has frozen into snow on the ground as it escaped!

Sheesh, now that really IS cold! That’s some brass monkey kinda weather, I tell you!

11. Meanwhile, in Savannah, Georgia

The Triton sculptures in Forsyth Park’s famous fountain have frozen up! This cold snap extends all the way down from Canada in the north and as far south as Georgia.

12. It’s cold enough for these pansies to freeze over!

The poor little blighters, they’re just looking for some spring time sun!

13. This guy in Canada decided the quickest way around was on cross country skies!

I can’t say I blame him, between walking and driving, skiing must be the safest form of travel right now!

14. Have you ever seen weather cold enough for your hand to do this?

That’s crazy chilly!

15. In New York City, it might be cold, but it’s a picture postcard scene!

Central Park is looking amazing next to all those white colored buildings!

16. Meanwhile in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The falls in Minnehaha Park make sure it’s not only Niagara that has frozen up! Minnehaha? Is that the sound you make when you go outside and it’s -30 degrees?

17. Um… can parking lot markings just… shatter like this?

I guess if water got underneath and froze into ice then it could cause this. Or maybe a careless snow plough! Either way, that’s freakin’ weird!

18. You want weird? How about a flash frozen fire hydrant!

Hope you’re not keeping warm by making fires that the fire department will need to put out!

19. In some places the snow has gotten this deep

After over 60 inches (about 120 cm) of snow fell in just two days!

20. Welcome to Erie, Pennsylvania

Where they’ve had an incredible 53 inches of snow in about 30 hours… that’s freakin’ crazy!

21. These Buffalo Bills fans brave the weather to watch their team

If only their team did something worth watching!

22. Back in Erie, this guy is clearing his yard…

Something tells me he’ll be at it for quite a while, after the record amount of snowfall they got in Pennsylvania this week!

23. City workers in Erie have even had to clear snow off traffic signals with compressed air

Everyone loves the snow, but they must be sick of the stuff by now!

24. Meanwhile in Chicago…

Pancake Ice has formed in the sea off North Avenue Beach. These ‘pancakes’ form when plates of ice bump up against each other in the freezing cold water.

25. Frozen waterfalls look pretty stunning

But you wouldn’t want them the whole year around! I hope that person isn’t contemplating climbing up that thing!

26. Boston is pretty as a picture right now, with acres of frozen ice to look at

So much for the ice of Boston being muddy, and reflecting no light!

If you live in any if the affected areas, we hope you’re staying safe and warm, and drinking plenty of coco! We would love to hear from you if you have experienced this crazy extreme weather first hand! Why not leave a COMMENT to tell everybody what’s going on, and how you’re beating the cold. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to SHARE it with your family and friends.

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