8 Signs That Your Blood Sugar Could Be Alarmingly High

High blood sugar levels can be frighteningly serious but it’s something that people don’t always pay attention to. Even if you’re not diabetic, the damage high blood sugar can do to your nerves, organs and blood vessels is scary stuff. We’ve found eight warning signs that your blood sugar levels could be alarmingly high, so you can try to do something about it as soon as possible.

1. You always need to pee

As your kidneys struggle to keep up with the excess blood sugar in your body, they produce more urine in order to try to handle it. This leaves you feeling like you need to pee all the time and if you’re going to the bathroom once an hour, you could be dealing with something serious so make sure you go to see your doctor.

2. You’re always thirsty

Naturally, this is linked to you feeling like you’ve gotta go all the time. Your kidneys are trying to produce more urine and they need more water in order to do so. They’re trying to get rid of all of that excess glucose, which leaves you feeling extremely dehydrated.

3. You have dry skin

If your blood sugar levels are affecting your skin then they’ve been very high for quite a while. The dry skin is caused by nerve damage which happens when your blood sugar levels are out of control. The nerve damage and the fact that the high blood sugar makes your body lose fluid more rapidly than it normally would can dry out your skin in a way that may be unrepairable. If you’re experiencing any of the other symptoms on this list and dry skin too, definitely see your doctor.

4. You’re gaining weight

If you’ve got really high blood sugar, you may find that you’re insulin resistant, meaning that your cells are not responding to insulin any more. When your cells are insulin resistant, they struggle to absorb glucose from your blood, which raises your blood sugar levels. The rise in blood sugar is what could cause you to gain weight.

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