Make The Most Out Of Your Phone's Battery Life By Using These Nine Nifty Hacks

Most people these days have a phone.

They’re really handy phones to have and a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family.

But there are a few problems with iPhones, the number one being the owner not knowing how to use it properly.

Here’s how you should be really charging your phone.

1. Use the original charger

Charging your phone with a fake charger is something rather simple that can lead to very drastic results.

You should always be careful about charging your phone with a knock-off charger, even when you are at your friend’s place.

Make sure you ask them if they have the original charger. Otherwise, you might end up with a crazy phone that you won’t be able to control anymore!

According to a large number of sources, a fake charger can even set your phone on fire or explode!


2. Don’t charge your phone all the time

Now, this is a very topical idea, but according to a number of professional magazines, if you leave your phone on overnight your battery life will start to decrease!

I know it’s very tempting to leave your phone charging overnight so it’ll be fully charged the next day but it’s a bad idea!

You should always try to disconnect the phone charger before the battery level reaches 100%, that way your battery will live a longer and happier life.

Surprisingly, according to a number of experts, our phones work better when the battery level is between 20% and 80%! Who’d have thought?!

3. Stop charging your phone overnight

For most of us, the long overnight charge is an important part of our daily routines. 

It means we’re better prepared in the morning, and we have enough charge to check up on our emails first thing in the morning.

But it’s could be much better for your phone if you charge it as little and as often as possible.

It really doesn’t matter if its just 20 or 30%, a little charge does zero harm to the battery according to Battery University, according to their experts: ‘partial charges cause no harm’.

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