Man Gropes Topless Woman At Festival And Is Shocked When She Fights Back

Going to a music festival is seen as a rite of passage by many young people nowadays, and as the years go on, the outfits get more and more revealing. These festivals aren’t just about the music, they’re about the fashion and it’s not unusual to see festival goers flaunting their amazing bodies in crop tops and shorts. Who cares if you’re going to get muddy? It’s festival time!

One of the recent, more controversial, festival trends that have sprung to life over the past few years are covering yourself in glitter. And I don’t mean your standard face paint, I mean glitter in place of clothing, more specifically glitter boobs.

This is when young women pay to have their breasts covered in crystals and glittery boob art. It’s crazy, it’s daring and it’s very on trend for festival goers. However, just because a woman is wearing nothing but glitter, it doesn’t mean you’ve got the right to do anything but look, as one festival going man found out.

The two young women in the photo are Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller (right) and her friend Katie Ashworth. They were attending the Rhythm and Vines festival in New Zealand when they decided to get some pretty glitter boob art done for themselves. However, it wasn’t long after Madeline got her boobs all glittered up that things took a sinister turn.

As Madeline walked through the festival crowds with her friend Kiri-Ann Hatfield, she was approached by a strange man who snuck up on them. The man reached around and groped Madeline’s breast before turning and running away. What he didn’t know was that this incident was being caught on camera.

Madeline and her friend spun around just in time to spot the pervert running back to the supposed safety of his group of friends, but they weren’t about to take this attack lying down. The girls strode after him, poured a drink over him and Madeline punched him in the head four times before walking away.

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