What Does The Shape Of Your Belly Button Reveal About You?

Omphalomancy is the study of navel shapes, and it is used to predict a person’s personality.

I know the idea of your belly button dictating elements of your personality is a bit odd, but it seems like there may be some truth behind it.

We have a bunch of different belly buttons and what they mean in relation to your personality, so why don’t you put it to the test and see if it’s true!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Round

A round and deep belly button is a sign of an optimistic personality. If you have a belly button like this, then you’re the kind of person to see a silver lining in every cloud.

You’re also great at communicating your thoughts and most of your relationships are healthy and interactive.

Not only that but your optimism rubs off on people too! Luck is something you may not possess in abundance, but you compensate for it with your happy-go-lucky attitude!

2. Big

If you have a big and deep belly button then it may be a sign that you’re a generous person.

You’re the sort of person who may suffer personally but you never let it affect the ones you hold dear.

You excel in management, and you’re often considered wise. But as you get older you may start doubting the need to be selfless in the selfish world, but this will soon pass. 

3. Shallow

If you have a shallow and small belly button then it could be an indication of having a dark side to your personality.

You’re good at keeping secrets, but you have grown to distrust all except those very close to you. 

4. Protruding

protruding belly button is an indication of a strong-willed personality.

You’re the sort of person who may appear stubborn, but the fact is that you believe in sticking by your opinions. You also like being in the limelight because you know your true worth.

Sadly, love is an issue for you, as it will take some time before you find someone to match your personality and lifestyle.

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