What Do Your Lips Reveal About Your Personality?

The idea that the way we look, and certain physical traits affect our personality has been an idea for centuries, and a lot of studies has gone on to investigate this idea more.

While some people say it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus, there are some people who believe there’s real science to it!

According to recent studies, our bodies reveal a lot about us and our traits.

For example, the shape and fullness of our lips actually say a lot about the kind of person we are.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why your lips are the way they are, well you can blame it on your incredible personality!

Let’s find out what else our lips have to say about the kind of people we are.

Hopefully, we will find out something new and exciting!

1. Bow-shaped lips

People who have bow shaped lips tend to be sharper and focused.

They understand what they want from life, and they even set their own goals they want to reach.

Their sensuality comes from self-belief and it won’t come out in a relationship unless you match their standards. 

2. Downward-turned lips

These people tend to be shy and more reserved. Their sensuality comes from the mystery of their personality, which means they’ll always keep you guessing until you put in the effort to understand them better.

3. Full lips

People with full lips are naturally more attractive. Their sensuality comes from the fact they know that they are sexy and with that knowledge comes a naughty side to their personality.

4. Heart-shaped lips

People with heart-shaped lips are more sensual in nature. But they’re also very cute and kind.

If they fall for you, you should consider yourself lucky. They’re also very seductive when they want to.

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