Who's The Mother? What Does Your Answer Say About Your Personality?

The way we think actually reveals a surprising truth about ourselves.

From how we interact with others, to how we deal with certain situations and in certain environments.

Our thought process is a telling piece of the puzzle that is us, and it will surprise you just how much the way you process thoughts and think reveals about yourself.

If you think things through and are very logical in your thought process than you tend to be more mature and sharp.

If you’re interested in learning more about your personality, then here is a great little personality test for you to try out at home.

Take a look at the picture below.

In the picture, you’ll see a child in the middle and two women on opposite sides of him.

I would like you to guess which woman is the mother of that child.

So which is it, left or right?

It’s The Woman On the Left:

Based on research, most people choose the woman on the left. 

Why? Because she looks older and much more mature.

There are some people out there who still believe that a mother must always look older. But unfortunately for you, by choosing the woman on the left reveals a lot about your personality.

People who chose the woman on the left tend to have a creative side. You tend to pay attention to details, like the woman’s hair.

You tend to think outside the box and look at the bigger picture. You always want things done your way and prefer creative freedom, rather than having any other form of structure. 

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